Interactions and embodiment in Virtual Reality – Part 1

I‘m planning on creating a few posts detailing my informal experiments with embodiment in virtual reality. The aim is to come up with an immersive, high fidelity setup that is able to be deployed quickly. To this end, base stations and wearable trackers are something I’ve tried to avoid. My use case involves traditional classroom […]

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The Logistics of Virtual Reality and Thunderbolt 3

The end game for many technologies involves integrating seamlessly with our being, turning us into space-dwelling cyborgs. The problem is that while the process of miniaturization is always in motion, there will always be a suite of technologies on the fringe which have yet to undergo such optimization. That’s to say, they usually start out […]

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Unity 3D multi-user testing

Creating multi-user environments, with current software, is a headache due to having to keep track of so many variables for synchronized states. My hope is to use this project as the groundwork for a variety of multi-user experiences, educational and game-based. At the moment, the environment is just a grid spanning a hundred metres or […]

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