andrew_marunchak_imageHello and welcome to Virtual Autonomy, my name is Andrew Marunchak and this is my site dedicated to creative expression on the web. As a programmer and artist, I spend much of my time exploring emerging technologies and creative trends in the digital medium. This site is dedicated to celebrating the wonders of dynamic visual media, be it video games, 2D/3D animation, virtual reality or high fidelity real-time 3D simulation for use in training and recreation.

I work as a senior e-Learning Technology Developer at the Learning and Teaching Innovation Centre at the University of Hertfordshire, here in the United Kingdom. This is also the same institution from which I obtained my degree in Software Systems for the Arts and Media as well as my master’s degree in 3D Animation. In addition to teaching and training, my role involves managing a small team of creative talents.

I’m an advocate of virtual and augmented reality technology along with the potential it has to facilitate communication and learning. Whilst my work has more to do with the pedagogic applications of various technologies, this is where my personal interest lies. The challenges associated with this are numerous and involve everything from the stigma surrounding the medium to the level of technical literacy within various user groups.

I’m best known for my work in virtual worlds, initially Second Life (see the projects page) though I’ve branched out into more formal education-based platforms, even going so far as to create my own in some cases. To date, I’ve completed work of both an artistic and educational nature for a number of clients, both as part of the University and contractually in other industries outside the educational sector.

If you’d like to get in touch, please use the contact link above.
MA, BA, PGCertEd, FHEA, PhD Student

Educational Technology • Digital content distribution & management systems • User Experience • User Interface Design • Project Coordination • Client Relations • Analytics • Social Networking • Programming & Scripting • Software Development (Mobile and PC) • Web Design • Digital Artistry (2D & 3D) • Negotiation • Management skills • Risk Discernment • Online Assessment • Online Learning • Teaching • Presentation & Marketing