The White Box – Mixed Reality Experiment

I recently finished a collaboration with Isaac Santos, a Fine Arts student here at the University of Hertfordshire, involving the creation of a mixed reality piece. It’s been great to have a chance to do something experimental and I really enjoyed the process, it taking a few days to implement – most of which was spent testing the accuracy of the measurements. It’s the first time I’ve mapped a virtual space directly to its physical counterpart in this way and has provided some food for thought on how to streamline the process.

With a bit more time, we’d have added more virtual placeholders and barriers to guide people around the space. Visitors were supervised so health & safety remained in order.

It’s always fun to do something different and innovation comes about due to this kind of improvisation. The downside to it being this same sort of experimentation produces redundant effort, so making sure that one learns from it is vitally important. To that end, sliding the motion controllers along the different surfaces to take measurements of the space proved to be the most reliable method of creating a floorplan I could work with. Prior to that, I had been taking measurements with tape and found myself constantly second guessing my own readings. You can’t refute something you’ve mapped in real-time however and I think that’s likely to be my method going forward.

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