Unity 3D multi-user testing

Creating multi-user environments, with current software, is a headache due to having to keep track of so many variables for synchronized states. My hope is to use this project as the groundwork for a variety of multi-user experiences, educational and game-based.


At the moment, the environment is just a grid spanning a hundred metres or so but I’m working on something more interesting to give it a bit of flavour. Looking at Playstation Home, it’s easy to be impressed by the artwork and creativity of the different areas. I’m not sure I want to head down the path of surrealism though as I know how off-putting that can be to people for whom 3D isn’t their life blood. I’d rather have something recognisable which announces its purpose to the user just by having them explore it, something like an art gallery.

I still need to improve the prediction code as movement tends to be a bit jerky. The server is authoritative so movement is tightly regulated, perhaps more than it needs to be at the moment, testing will inform me of the direction I need to take things.

I’ll also be porting this to a Google cardboard application for Android-based devices, which I’m looking forward to as multi-user virtual reality is where I want to be at the moment.

[notification type=”info”] Update: the video below shows a more interesting space using an older implementation of the code. It provides an idea of the direction it can go.[/notification]

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