Work in progress – The Weston Auditorium at the University of Hertfordshire

This post refers to a piece of work which has since been completed, click here for more info

One of my current projects involves translating the Weston Auditorium, found on the de Havilland campus of the University of Hertfordshire, into a 3D space. Again, I’m using Unity at the moment and my workflow involves 3dmax, sketchup and vray (for lightmaps). Admittedly, my proficiency with vray isn’t all that great, yet, but I’m pleased with the current results.



The most annoying part of doing a visualisation is definitely obtaining the required measurements of an area. The floorplans I had received for this didn’t indicate height and the seating had changed somewhat since the initial design. I’m looking forward to a chance to be a bit more creative and just go crazy building some surrealistic environments. I’ve got some ideas for a futuristic, dystopian interpretation of London which I’m eager to get started on but it’ll have to take a back seat until my current workload diminishes.

I’m putting it together for use in Unity, here’s a progress video:

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